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I have always been passionate about helping people in need. I was born in Freetown in Sierra Leone where I lived there until I was 12 years old. This gave me a chance to see for myself the poor and needy in the capital. I felt bad for those around me who were not as blessed as I was and although I was young I wanted to help others in need. When I moved to London I did not forget the poor and needy people of Freetown.


Despite having to learn to live in a different country and cope with a new school I set out to support others in my local community in Pimilco. In the evenings and at weekends I worked in local youth clubs and old peoples' homes in Westminster as a volunteer. Helping those less blessed than myself was something I wanted to dedicate myself to. So after leaving school I went on to study child care at Westminster College. It was then I realised I had a talent for supporting children with autism and behavioural difficulties. I knew I could reach out to them and support them to realise their potential for learning.


I gained a position as a nursery teacher supporting an autistic child. Knowing I wanted wider practical experience I joined an agency as a support assistant in special schools. It has lead to a wide experience of different types of behaviour management and a deeper understanding of children with special needs.


I did not forget the unfortunate people I had seen in Freetown. I remembered the great need there is and desperately wanted to help. All the time I was thinking about how best to help them. I knew these children were vulnerable, neglected and needed specialist support for their autism. So six years ago I started to sponsor 6 autistic children. Three of these are non-verbal and one had been abused and raped. I knew there were lots of others like them in Freetown I saw they were not being cared for and all were at risk of physical and sexual abuse. They are excluded from their communities because of their difficulties. They are also are being treated by magic rituals, but not taught the basic skills to be part of their communities. This was when I had the idea of founding a school for children like them. I worked really hard and I saved enough to buy land for a school in Freetown. I have bought the land, but need the money to build the school.

At present I am working in a special school dealing with behaviour in Lambeth. The school is so impressed with my passion for this project they wish to become a partner school. My dream is to see the school built and provide a safe learning environment for autistic children in Freetown.

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