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If you wish to donate any other resources including, clothes, shoes, tables, chairs and books etc. Please contact the C.S.N Foundation on:

Children Special Needs Foundation Sierra Leone branch appreciate and  applaud you all for your endless and courageous support to CSN foundation in Sierra Leone. Your efforts in assisting in the sustenance of our branch down here, is really remarkable and outstanding. Thank you all.


Nonetheless, our bank account is currently available and we are craving on your indulgence to continue with your philanthropical support  through the below mentioned account number, so as to diligently  improve the lives of these vulnerablekids.Thanks as we anticipate your philanthropic gesture👏🏽👏🏽*


Childrens' Special Needs Foundation Sierra Leone*.


Branch Sort Code:----40-02-16


Account number: ----62257912.



If you wish to donate click on the following links

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