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Everything at the school is aimed developing the pupils communication skills. Pupils have to be taught an effective method to communicate with others as they need to be taught how to communicate. In school they are taught communication techniques effective with autistic pupils. To do this the school will teach pupils how to communicate using symbols and/or sign language to make known their needs and interact with others. There will be a regular structure to the school day so the pupils are less anxious because they know what will happen during the day. There will be regular class based work on English, Maths and Science, but at the level of the pupil's understanding. Life skills like will be taught like listening, how to focus and play. Vocational skills will be taught like carpentry, tailoring and cooking.Personal skills will be taught, like personal hygiene, caring for themselves at home and how to remain safe. 


The lessons will engage them in learning using very practical lessons that will reinforce the communication system with the pupils. The classrooms will be set up so that pupils can be taught at the individual level. The pupils will have a work space tailored to their individual needs.This will enable the teaching of the symbols and help the pupils to remember how to use the symbols. The school will link with parents and their communities to ensure the school and home are using the same methods to communicate with the pupils. There will be regular visits to the community to help the pupils to know how to act outside school.

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