One of the pupils was unsettled today, being that we are here to improve lives and give break to their parents by making them happy, we were able to contain the situation. This is one of the challenges we  get every Thursday because we don't have enough teaching space.

Teaching Children the Alphabet at CSN Foundation

Teaching children life skills i.e how to walk across the road CSN Foundation

My visit to CSN Foundation in Sierra Leone 2019

Photos from CSN foundation 2019

*CEO Agnes Macarthy admonishing her staff in Sierra Leone to be patient as the organization is still struggling. She furthered by explaining the moves she have taken to improve the foundation so that these vulnerable kids will be come independent in their various societies*

Thanks to CEO Agnes Macarthy of children with special Needs foundation for the donations of clothing and school items to the impaired kids in Sierra leone.

*The manager of Children with special Needs foundation advising the parents of the vulnerable kids not to lose hope in their children and to be patient with the foundation, as the organisation still have them in mind.

*Vote of thanks by one of the parents of the autistic kids in Sierra Leone and also admonishing her colleagues to keep the faith as the CEO is always giving them the confidence for their children. She concluded her speech by addition another adjective to the name of CEO Mrs. Agnes Macarthy, by calling her the "talk and do CEO" because they have seen all what she promised them*

Meeting with parents (After Home visit report) Inviting them to the office to meet other parents. so they can share ideas about how to deal with their children.

Closing remarks and prayers from staff and parents! The meeting was explicit and awesome. The parents really appreciate the initiatives of UK charity and also applaud the effect Mrs. Marcathy

Views of the parents! amazing video

My visit to Methodist Girl School for girls in freetown, telling them about autism, down syndrome it was an awesome outcome.

Team meeting in the office

Meeting the staff and children in the office

Our aim is to work assiduously to improve lives 

Cross section of CSN workers, we improve lives!

My visit to Methodist Girls school for girls in Freetown, telling them about Autism and Down Syndrome, it was an awesome outcome.


Staff returning home after meeting with parents


My visit was so overwhelming by the kids and staff from these schools, as most of the kids confessed to being in the habit of laughing at them. After my education, they promised me not to mock them anymore but to embrace them. Some who were victims wept including some staff that have kids of such. They appreciated the aims and objectives of the organization and promised to meet us in the office. CSN pls make haste about these kids as they are really suffering from the hands of their colleagues, family members and neighbors.

My visit with the primary school pupils which was fruitful.

Staff doing home visits 2nd January 2019

A comprehensive and well-detailed video on my visit. We really need philanthropists that can aid these kids as they are vulnerable in society. Your support can add value to their lives. God bless you for your godly heart.